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Again, this taxpayer did not meet the eligibility requirements for claiming the dependents or the associated tax credits. When the assigned Revenue Agent met with Jacobs, Jacobs advised the agent that he had made $5,000 payments to two different women because he touched them inappropriately during medical treatment sessions.As a result of Brown-Englishs preparation and submission of the false returns for these two individuals, they had the opportunity to falsely decrease their tax liability and obtain refunds from the IRS to which they were not entitled. In 2013, an IRS Revenue Agent was assigned an examination of Jacobss U. The Revenue Agent told Jacobs that these payments were not allowable deductions.Coughlin initially told investors they could withdraw money whenever they wanted to, but later, as the sole approving authority, Coughlin ceased withdrawals and began telling his associates and investors that the taxing authorities in the United States and Canada were freezing the assets related to both of the businesses.In early 2012, using a fictitious private letter memorandum purportedly between the IRS and Oxford International Credit Union, Coughlin told investors that an agreement had been reached with the taxing authorities.Jacobs became agitated and, in essence, asked if there was anything the Revenue Agent could do for him.In a subsequent meeting, Jacobs became upset when the Revenue Agent requested documentation for personal and vehicle expenses. ► TIGTA partners with the Department of Justices Elder Justice Initiative, view webinar.

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