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A second-grade position was open if I could report to work Monday morning. We visited the classroom which had been stripped bare. It wasn’t until the following school year that I learned that my predecessor had had a nervous breakdown due in large part to the Three Furies who apparently had been watching her like a hawk all year. I had to put up with him being in there every day, apparently so he could report to them. ) But, really, I’m just as happy having at least one time a year when we are again all in our prime, even if its only in my mind. But in the few steps between the doorway and the car, as the rain pelted her from all sides, she became terrified. It was a visceral realization to me that without a past, there is no future.I arrived at school early on my second day, told (yes, snippy second-day teacher that I was) the principal that I did not want those women or any other visitors in my room during class time. I’m happy to say that he was not at the school the following year. In my dream last night, I was passing out paper to each student and instructing them to write their name on one side and draw a self-portrait on the other. She began to cry uncontrollably and we were hard pressed to get her into the car and out of the weather. And when our own present becomes interminable, it behooves us to surround ourselves with sunshine and chocolates and with people we love. It’s interesting to think about when flashbacks occur.Happily, I don’t think about those numbers very much; there are so many more interesting things to occupy my mind.Like, trying to remember what chapters 13 and 14 in James G. Not that I hadn’t just read them – like two days previously – but the details were a little foggy.I can’t help thinking that should I shuffle off this mortal coil without anyone noticing, it would be all right. I’m glad to say that flowers have arrived in abundance during my own lifetime and I have enjoyed every blossom… Nyel has spoiled me on many an occasion with long-stemmed red roses and I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of friends who arrive with elaborate bouquets on all sorts of occasions – as well as on non-occasions and just-because.A rather morbid thought, to be sure, but it’s one I learned from my sainted mother. There have been tomes written about the meaning of flowers – Daisies: innocence and hope; Roses: love and desire; Yellow Tulips: cheerful thoughts.And I was interested to learn that the oldest evidence of formal arranging of bouquets in vases comes from ancient Egypt, and depictions of flower arrangements date to the Old Kingdom (~2500 BCE).In this stress-filled world of today, I’m so glad that the tradition of flower-giving continues unabated! My retirement dream is the actual, recurring dream I have periodically when I’m asleep — now that I am retired. It always involves me being hired to teach in a classroom in which the regular teacher (for undisclosed reasons) has not shown up. “Synchronization of map-based neurons with memory and synaptic delay.” Or “The effect of anticipation and the specificity of sex differences for amygdala and hippocampus function in emotional memory.” Got that? So, it seems clear that I didn’t make up that connection between memory and anticipation.

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) and the tomato soup was probably healthy, though it boggles my mind that something so delicious could also be at all nutritious. For someone interested in local history (that would be me), one of the strangest research experiences is to run into information about oneself (me again.) It’s happened to me twice in the last few years – both times in totally unexpected ways and both times having to do with the Shoalwater Storytellers.

Contrary to what you might think, my “retirement dream” isn’t about what my retirement will look like. The dream is very close to the scenario I faced in 1961 when I reported for my first teaching job. One very stormy evening we picked her up from the nursing home in Long Beach to bring her home to Oysterville for dinner.

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