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There is hereby established a Police alarm console license which shall be granted upon recommendation of the Chief of Police, as set forth in Subsection 4-5.5.Any such licensee shall have exclusive use and control of the alarm console, except for use by the Police Department of the Borough, and such licensee will be responsible at no cost to the Borough for the establishment, construction and installation of the console containing equipment and being of a design approved by the Police Chief and for the care, maintenance and management thereafter of the console; the licensee shall locate the console and relocate the console if necessary under the supervision of the Chief of Police at no cost to the Borough.

The provisions of this section shall apply to any person who operates, maintains or owns any alarm device or local alarm designed to summon the Police, Fire Department or other municipal agencies to any location in response to any type of alarm signal.A separate application for each such machine shall be filed on a form furnished by the Borough Clerk, which form shall show the name of the applicant, post office address, and whether or not the person making the application has been convicted of a crime or a violation of any ordinance of the Borough involving gambling.The form shall also provide for the furnishing of such further information as may from time to time be requested by the Council.Where policies of insurance are required, such policies shall be approved as to substance and form by the Borough Attorney.

Satisfactory evidence of coverage by bond or insurance shall be filed with the Borough Clerk before the license is issued.

The fees required for any license shall be paid at the office of the Borough Clerk before the granting of the license.