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They’re subtle code, one that only those who grew up in and around a particular form of radically anti-government, largely homeschooled religious conservatism are attuned to hear.It is the politics of the Duggars, the Quiverfull movement, militia groups and the Duck Dynasty family.Moore isn’t a troubled abuser who has besmirched his political agenda.His political creed and his personal affronts are one and the same.

When historians write of Roy Moore, they will talk of a man devoted to arch-conservative principles who happened to have a dark personal life involving alleged statutory rape and sexual abuse of power. Moore’s politics and his personal life are not separate, but rather deeply interconnected.If you are just looking for a one-night stand, this is not the site for you. Do you wish you could find an easy and convenient way to meet someone without dealing with the crowds of the clubs and bars? No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to use this free personals site. Both are rooted in defense of a specific subculture of evangelical conservatism that privileges an extreme form of patriarchy, gerontocracy and arranged child marriage.

This becomes obvious both from a study of the culture that Moore celebrates, as well as the particular words and phrases that Moore and his defenders choose to use.

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