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High School classrooms (2008) for topics such as homosexuality, drug use, and sexual behavior.The novel chronicles the freshman year of high school of a young man struggling with awkwardness and the changing world around him. Community Memorial Library (2009) as being “obscene or child pornography” from a section designated “Young Adults.” Source: Restored by the Lackawanna, N. School Board (2008) along with several other books following accusations of censorship by some parents and teachers.The book is about a boy maturing, asking questions about evil, justice, and the nature of God.Source: Challenged as a reading assignment at Hanahan Middle School in Berkeley County, S. (2008) because of blatant, explicit language using street terms for sex, talk of worms eating body parts, and blasphemy.(2008) because the novel contains a racial epithet. Public Library (2008) after complaints about the book’s “factual errors, philosophy, and perceived bias.” A review of the book by the library determined that the book received excellent reviews and contained no factual errors.The book about an interracial middle-school friendship in 1960s Oklahoma was highly recommended by Retained in the Lewiston, Maine Public Library (2008) after a patron refused to return the book due to her objections to its content. A parent requested its removal and a committee determined the novel “rather very adult in nature” and, because the library already had a large selection of other valuable science fiction and spy literature, the committee elected to remove the book from the high school’s circulation and donated it to the public library. Source: Challenged as appropriate study in tenth-grade honors English class at Freedom High School in Morganton, N. (2008) because the novel depicts a sodomy rape in graphic detail and uses vulgar language.

(2008) for violating the district policy on cursing.(2008) by the superintendent after complaints that the book is profane and anti-Catholic.Teachers claimed that the superintendent circumvented the district’s policies on book challenges and set a dangerous precedent.He said there might be more palatable alternatives, like creating a list of restricted books that parents have to approve before their children can check them out.

A decision to review school policies and investigate less-restrictive means to control library books was approved by the school board.

Source: Challenged, but retained for the eleventh-grade Regents English classes in Depew, N. (2008) despite concerns about graphic language and sexual content.