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It is important to let children know that the violence is not their fault.The Domestic Abuse Service provides practical and emotional support to families and victims of domestic abuse.She said: "Katie was wearing a black dress and Langdell asked her if she liked BDSM (Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism)."He claimed she said that she did and she enjoyed being choked."At this point he began to strangle her and decided to kill her."Mrs Evans said that Langdell was lying and all of the forensic and circumstantial evidence is that Katie had very conservative tastes in sex.She said: "The tragedy of this case is that is what Katie did, like thousands of other young people, agreed to a date with Carl Langdell."She accepted what he told her about himself."At the end of their first date in the early hours of the 24 December last year she agreed to go back to a hotel with him."He strangled her in that room and dragged her body in a skip outside the hotel."Katie's body was found near the hotel."(It was) wrapped tightly in a sheet and covered with a duvet.” Shortly after Langdell contacted a woman he had been seeing for a couple of months after meeting on Tinder.

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He replied that had no idea where she was, she had got a taxi ages ago.If you have been affected by domestic abuse, or believe that somebody you know is being abused, you can contact the Domestic Abuse service at Stevenage Borough Council using the contact details on this screen or through secure email.Alternatively, you can report it to the police on 101. Please see below for other organisations that can help with domestic abuse: Change Project Domestic abuse prevention programme for any man or woman who wants to stop their abusive behaviour towards a partner or ex-partner.Telephone: 07702 538080 Hertfordshire Sunflower Hertfordshire’s helpline for the victims of domestic abuse and stalking.

Telephone: 08 088 088 088 National Domestic Violence Helpline 24-hour freephone for those suffering domestic violence.

1 in 4 women experience Domestic Violence in some stage in their life 2 Women are killed by their current or former partner every week Approximately 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales every year The Herts Women's Centre was first established in 1995.