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During the day, I can be found sitting in a coffee shop busy surfing the net on my i Pad.I like to spend my evenings watching TV as I also love the indoors.We went to his house and she watched TV whilst I had sex with him - a man in his 50s.At first it was painful, but then I started to enjoy it. Now all the girls in my school envy me as I have the best of everything and now I love the old man. Do you think this sort of sexual abuse is more prevalent than reported, what advice do you give to a young, impressionable child in this position, and more importantly, how can it be stopped?

According to police, they selected Prinsloo, then just 17 and a pupil at Pretoria Capital College, a leading private boys' school, as the gang's gunman.Ms Oosthuizen's father is a farmer from Warmbaths, 60 miles north of Pretoria.The prosecution claims that the teenager, who has pleaded not guilty, slept with a schoolboy, William Prinsloo, 18, to persuade him to lead four teenagers on a spree of armed robberies.A HIGH-ACHIEVING student from one of South Africa's top schools is facing 25 years in jail after appearing in court in leg-irons on charges that she used sex to lure four youths into committing a spate of armed robberies.

The tale of 19-year-old Tanya Oosthuizen's transformation from straight A-grade pupil and head of her school house to alleged gangster's moll in the space of a year has gripped the country's affluent white communities.

Intelligent and attractive, she was head of the Pretoria High School for Girls' boarding house of St Alban's and notched up seven distinctions in her matriculation examinations.