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This assessment is based, in part, on previous history and the facts surrounding the sex offense conviction and will continue to be used under the classification system. The list of sex offenses required to register can be found in ORS 181.805(5).The first registration laws went into effect in Oregon in 1989.The “predatory” designation allows law enforcement, or the supervising agency, to notify the community about a particular sex offender.​Currently, this system is being transitioned to a classification system. The Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision (for persons housed in state correctional facilities), Community Corrections (for persons on probation) and Oregon State Police (for persons convicted of certain sex crimes in other states moving into Oregon and persons who have never been on supervision) must make a finding of predatory, based on an assessment of the offender’s crimes and history.

Other examples of notification include: Community/neighborhood meetings Distribution of flyers door-to-door (i.e., schools, daycare centers, etc.) Newspaper articles and ads Internet notices Posting offender residences No.For sex offenders off of supervision, no residential requirements apply under current Oregon state law but may apply under local law.Can registered sex offenders have contact with or be around children?Presently, the Oregon public website contains only those offenders designated as “predatory”.