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Apart from being champions of local multiplayer they also have a family-friendly reputation to protect, that would be at great risk from randoms swearing their heads off during online multiplayer or even less savoury types trying to interact with children.That doesn’t mean Nintendo has no online games though, since there’s already Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the imminent ARMS.

According to WABeta Info, Whats App’s group voice calls feature should roll out before the group video calls option.Headphones maker Hori has unveiled the bizarre lengths you’ll have to go to in order to talk to other people online with Switch.Nintendo has traditionally had very little interest in online gaming and there are lot of good reasons for that, that many gamers often don’t quite appreciate.However, they might not appear before the end of the year, as the features still require “a lot of development” and Whats App “has other priorities” right now.