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He starts his morning classes at AM, and leaves to go to the rooftop to eat his bento at PM.On Wednesday, Kokona Haruka watches him from behind a tree.For Yandere-chan to prevent the love confession from taking place, she has to eliminate the rival before PM on Friday .He doesn't resent Osana Najimi for her hostility toward him and just follows her orders.Senpai has a younger sister, whose gender will not change if there is a female Senpai. His father looks like an older version of him, and his mother looks as plain as he does. He walks to his locker at AM and changes from his outdoor shoes to his indoor shoes.At AM, he walks to the fountain and sits on its edge, reading a book. At AM, Senpai walks into Classroom 3-2 and sits at his desk.Info-chan watches the entire scene from behind them.

Senpai, with his default look, has short, messy dark hair, charcoal grey eyes, light skin, and the default male school uniform with gold buttons and black cloth.He is the only character highlighted pink in Yandere Vision."The Japanese word "senpai" refers to someone who has seniority over someone else.For example, if you are a first-year student, all second-year and third-year students are your "senpai".

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