Sharepoint 2016 user information list not updating

You (and users on a production Share Point site) can update an add-in immediately after it is uploaded to the Office Store or the organization's add-in catalog with these steps.Note If you need to see the "update available" notice on the add-in's tile more frequently than every 24 hours, you can use the method described in Update process for a Share Point Add-in to make the notice appear immediately.For example, you can add the add-in version as a query parameter on the Start Page URL of the add-in.

Each step is discussed in detail in linked sections or articles.In particular, because the preview program for autohosted add-ins has been closed, you should be aware that you cannot update an autohosted add-in to a provider-hosted add-in.You have to convert the add-in as explained in Convert an autohosted Share Point Add-in to a provider-hosted add-in.If there is an add-in web in the add-in, verify that the add-in web components have been deployed by using the procedure in Verify deployment of add-in web components.

When developing an update for an add-in on your Share Point test site, it is impractical to wait 24 hours between updates.

You can update your Share Point Add-in by using the updating support built into Share Point.