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Colin is a little too dark for me while Shaun is a little too light so I’ll just take Michael which is just nice. Since I don’t have time to watch this (just kidding I always have time for everything, am just lazy), these are capped by Groopii over the last month or so.For those of you who have requested this, you better enjoy or else!However, the pair have developed romantic feelings for each other."[Eric] really genuinely cares, which is his catch 22," Sipos told He continued: "There's an acknowledgement between the two of them that when they first met, there was a connection there. He doesn't have any guards, he doesn't have any walls, so that connection hits him very deeply."Sipos added that the show will continue to explore the relationship between Lux and Eric."As you saw in the first episode, that connection has been established," he said. Realising that he's a teacher and she's a student and it shouldn't be happening on so many levels - I mean, the law says no, teachers' code says no, morality says no, but the human experience of it says yes."I think what you'll see is how those shackles weigh on the two of them. Sipos will play Aaron, who comes to college to escape his tortured past. Creator Julie Plec promised in a recent sneak peek at season five that the writers plan to keep the couple together and happy for the time being.Elena (Nina Dobrev) is a smoking hot mess after May's ferocious Season 5 finale and the first teaser makes it clear she still The long-running Leatherface horror franchise got an update last year with Millennium Films' Texas Chainsaw 3D, which starred Alexandra Daddario as the daughter of Loretta Sawyer, and the cousin of Leatherface (Dan Yeager) himself.Back in January Plus, is Damon headed to the dark side... No offense to Matt, but this was probably one of Mystic Falls’ worst parties ever.If I had to write a 2 page essay on the topic of what was unique about this movie, I would receive a failing grade.There is pretty much no question that this is a somewhat late attempt to cash in on the slenderman meme.

Different characters to create some variety and keep that character interactions dynamic.In what was an eye-opening episode of The Vampire Diaries last week, Elena (Nina Dobrev) learned some of the history behind the Augustine Plus, Elena is ‘horrified’ to discover what’s really going on at Whitmore College.As if Damon (Ian Somerhalder) doesn’t have enough to deal with in the present, he’s about face a demon from his past — and it might Browse new shots from the Dec. Shaun Sipos‘ Aaron is one of the most mysterious new characters on The Vampire Diaries this season — and that’s saying a lot, considering how many new faces The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW tonight with a new episode called, “Monster’s Ball.” On tonight’s episode, Damon tries to make a deal with Silas.The monster itself is a cartoon and the practical effects were basically the bare minimum (blood splatter, corpse without its head, etc.).