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The boy and girl should bow before the Guru Granth Sahib to betoken their acceptance of these instructions.Thereafter, the girl's father or the principal relation should make the girl grasp one end of the sash which the boy wearing over his shoulders and the person in attendance the Guru Granth Sahib should recite the matrimonial circumambulation stanzas (Pp. After the conclusion of the recitation of each of the stanzas, the boy, followed by the girl holding the end of the sash, should go round the Guru Granth Sahib while the ragis or the congregation sing out the recited stanza.The boy and girl, after every circumambulation, should bow before the Guru Granth Sahib in genuflexion, lowering their forehead to touch the ground and then stand up to listen to the recitation of the next stanza.There being four matrimonial circumambulation stanzas in the concerned hymn, the proceeding will comprise four circumambulation with the incidental singing of the stanza.Several criteria are usually adopted before making a marriage proposal.Most important are the boy and girl themselves who show their willingness only after taking into account, personality, family background, educational standing and physical appearance of the proposed partner. However, the word 'arranged' is not always properly interpreted by people in Western societies.An arranged marriage does not mean forcing a boy or a girl into a wedlock of parents' choice only.

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As soon as the bridegroom, and the two families are assembled the and when the bride comes she take her place on his left.The second verse refers to the stage of yearning and love for each other.The third verse refers to the stage of detachment or The bridegrooms mounts a caparisoned mare black and his sister-in-law add collyrium to his eyes, to protect him from evil-eye.It is agreeing to marriage proposed by mutual discussion between the boy or the girl on one side and his or her parents and relatives on the other.

This is in fact selecting the right partner from a number of choices or proposals.

The girl should be told that she has been joined matrimony to her man in the hallowed presence of the Guru Granth Sahib and the congregation.