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It was further proof, if it was needed, that women do, of course, have the requisite mental aptitude not only to race but to race fast, hard and successfully. Paths based not simply upon gender, but upon nationality, race and, latterly, paths based upon sexuality.I’ve been thinking about the topic quite a lot recently. Today, my attention was drawn to a tweet to an article from NBC Sports, announcing that an active NBA star had come out as homosexual.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

I¿m social and therefore do enjoy interacting with new people and friends yet there is nothing I¿d rather do than being at home or off on an adventure with that special someone."I love being here in Australia and the racing is a lot of fun but, for sure, you want results," De Simona told AAP."That's a bit of pressure just to get it done but it's good pressure.Jason Collins has made his admission via the front cover of the American sporting bible that is Sports Illustrated, and to the American sports world it is a very big deal.