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However, experienced scuba divers will also drift dive off the 300-foot (91.5-meter) sheer outer wall, using the channel currents to carry them along.In the morning, when winds are calmer, smaller tour boats can also bring guests to safely snorkel the backwall of Molokini as well.

Its popularity has led many water-sport guides to lament that overcrowding has made the experience less attractive.Snorkeling and scuba diving is by far the most popular activity at the crater.Since the crater is made entirely of rock, the water remains relatively undisturbed by sand and sediment.The waters of Molokini contain 38 hard coral species and approximately 100 species of algae.

Although quite dense on the seafloor, they are not as densely packed as they had historically been due to the constant tourism and activity there.

Most commonly observed among these are the black triggerfish, yellow tang, Moorish idol, parrotfish, raccoon butterflyfish and bluefin trevally.