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Dating companies look forward to January's surge in membership when eager, recently single and/or broken-hearted souls start trolling their websites and apps for companionship. law firm found one in five couples planned to divorce after the holidays.Family lawyers also sometimes refer to January as divorce month. “People are disappointed as a result of having spent the holiday with someone they probably shouldn’t have been with for a long time,” says Gilda Carle (Dr.(During this “season” there are some 50 million messages sent, 5 million new photos uploaded and a million dates.)Other companies like Tinder concur, though they aren’t quite as specific.A spokesperson from Tinder told that based on last year’s data and the ever-growing popularity of the dating app, the company expects a 12-percent bump in the number of matches on January 8, 2017.[…] One of the benefits of using an online dating website like Glutenfree Singles is that both people in the pair can get to know each other online first before they meet in person.This can especially help women gain comfort with a potential partner and spot any early red flags.But it’s a real phenomenon that the online dating industry has come to rely on.The anxiety and stress imposed by the holiday season—social obligations, nosy relatives, too much family time and booze, terrible gifts—leave many people longing for something (or someone) new.

The company sees a 42 percent spike in new singles looking for love during dating season, which they say spans from December 26 to February 14.It’s easy to convince yourself that the holidays are the WORST time to try and start dating again. The two of you send a few messages back and forth, and you start to feel those […] You love the idea of being in a sizzling, fun relationship, so why can’t you find the time to write that killer profile?You’ve got a thousand extra things to do, your parents are in town, and maybe you’ve been scarfing one too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy after your last breakup. The holidays are […] If you’ve tried out online dating for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly been on the receiving end of what I’ll call, “the disappearing act.” Someone catches your eye. Why do you keep putting off answering messages from interested singles?I wish we didn’t judge books by their covers, but in the online dating world, pictures matter a great deal!

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