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She clearly viewed me as something of a challenge and I was persuaded to have three trial dates. Date One Peter, 49, was an Oxford graduate and management consultant.

When he ordered a French dish off the French menu, in French, and the waitress didn’t understand him, he said, “Shall I try Italian? I didn’t find him sexy and it wasn’t just the clothes.He spent two days a week teaching at a business school and was doing some charity work in between playing a lot of tennis.A self-confessed perfectionist and commitment phobe, he said he was finally realising that he might be missing out of something.And ways, I have two wonderful sons, a great career as a GP, writer and broadcaster and some incredibly loyal girlfriends, so wanting a man as well seemed a bit greedy. I’m at that age when most of my friends are settled into coupledom and I’m the only single person at local gatherings.