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At that moment, the wife of the deceased miner Lee Ki-chul gives birth to a son at Taebaek Hospital.On that same day, Shin Tae-hwan’s wife also gives birth to a baby boy.This journey of East of Eden will forever be my favorite. It was the first drama that made me knew Park Hae Jin &seriously one of the best kdramas that made you cry,angry and suspens at maximum...DC an DW I watched this drama 3 year ago it was my worst drama ever with heartless city the ending of these drama was tragic the character that was suppose to die is dong wook cos he was in the middle of all the problems in this drama Remember the huge controversy when Lee Da Hae dropped out of this drama while it was still filming? Her character was supposed to be the female lead and was supposed to be in a love triangle between the two brothers Lee Dong-Cheol & Lee Dong-Wook but then they completely downgraded her and her character and decided to make Lee Yeon Hee the lead instead. Watched as a marathon for four days and it was really a good drama. The locations, the actors and actresses, language and storylines added to the viewers need to continue. I agreed that Yang Choon Hee who always been threatening a little bit of idiotic but that perfectly showed how determining she was to let the worl.d knew how unjustify her husband's death was...The rumor mill is grinding furiously as netizens believe that the sexy star of the popular MBC drama, “East of Eden,” Song Seung-heon (32)and his much young leading lady, Lee Yeon-hee (20) are in love.

By doing so, she viciously transforms the fates of the two lives. This drama will forever be one of my favorites x D Song Seung Heon was amazing but really the ending broke my heart. Best character was lee dong chul At the first i saw this drama cause song seung heon & i wanted lee dong chul & min hee rin falled in love but i like dong chil & grace love They are the best couple I cried for them I 'm big fan of dong chul role He was amazing SSH LOVE YOU FOREVER I put this series in my watchlist long ago from Song Seung-Hoon's filmography.Which was messed up because that wasn't the original plan that LDH signed up for. Yes, there were some soft moments and gaping flaws in the story, and yes you want to shoot the writers -- but overall it was better than most K-Dramas. Anyway,keep watching for those who still haven't finishing it since this drama truly was worth to spend time for While this drama has some obvious issues as noted by Lee in June of 2014, I found this to be the best K- drama I have seen so far. Romance b/w Dong-Cheol & Gookja is one of the best!!! however, I think production was a bit rushed, but it did not affect the appeal of the story, since the script was so very good. The actors did a pretty good job, even Lee Yoen who got better later on.It was a shame because I loved LDH's character and noticed that appeared less and less as the drama went on. when i watched this drama for the first time i was only 11 but still this drama is my favorite . It reminds me of the old me watching this drama up till am. Second good point - quality of the dialogue and action scenes integrated with family conflict. I was riveted by the performance of Song Seung Heon. I know many here seem to hate the plot but i liked it as it was realistic, nice break from hollywoods bs happy endings. v=0v_Xk--_e Fc (Kim Bum Soo - A sad story sadder than sadness) There is also "No one else" by Lee Seung Chul.If you notice, there are promo pics of the Lee Dong-Cheol/Min Hye-Rin/Lee Dong-Wook triangle before the drama started, so the change was all last minute. I would put this on my top 100 dramas along with Swallow the Sun. There were quite a few actors in this drama I thought gave outstanding performances. The 2 songs are from More than Blue, korean movie Ost and not from EOE, they just played them in some episodes.

Song seung hun and lee yeon hee dating comments

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