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Since I’m a professional tour guide and want to offer my clientele a realistic review of an African experience, I put my fear behind me and enjoyed the adventure into Soweto – a milestone of hope, history and home to many great South Africans.Driving into Soweto with a group of tourists on the Old Potchefstroom Road, our tour bus comes to a stop at a squatter camp – my heart drops…In fact, it’s in part thanks to this event that the first South African Pride March in 1990 was conceived.Busi our guide gives us a gay angle on the 1976 uprising: The famous protest represented a generational break.As a newly qualified tour guide I was excited to explore all the nooks and crannies of my country.The idea was daunting to say the least: Townships are not the most popular places for lesbians to hang out these days, which made me more determined to change my perceptions, and hopefully yours, on one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations – Soweto.Soweto is the largest township in the country, housing three million residents and welcoming 3200 foreign visitors every month.The township tour is fascinating and of even greater interest if you’re gay or lesbian.

Fun loving guy who lives life to the fullest, who is not afraid to commit to the right partner, loves to experiment and is a fun person to be around, known to set the dance floor alight and is also comfortable spending q.. 3 million south africans are unable to read, but this innovative art project hopes to change that statistic. We are dedicated to helping those with hiv and other stds in the south. Com over 18 months ago, and after several dates she finally met her mr. A security guard who allegedly sexually assaulted at least 87 school girls at a soweto primary school will not be applying for bail, the protea magistrate’s court has heard.I end this article with the words from the late great human rights and AIDS activist – an icon in gay and lesbian history and a well-loved Soweto resident – Simon Nkoli, after his release from jail in 1990: “In South Africa I am oppressed because I am a black man, and I am oppressed because I am gay.

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