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Built in 1725 (see page 224).’ in: GLOAG, John (1975). ‘This villa at Chiswick, Middlesex, was one of the results of Burlington’s studies at Vincenza. Islam – Kunst en architectuur (Islam und Architektur). SBN 1 6 And: GANGLER, Anette ; GAUBE, Heinz & PETRUCCIOLI, Attilio (2004). Le Geay, Piranesi and International Neo-Classicism in Rome 1740 –1750. 189 – 196 in: FRASER, Douglas; HIBBARD, Howard & LEWINE, Milton J. Essays in the History of Architecture for Rudolf Wittkower, Part I. A drawing by Marten Kuilman after: BRAHAM, Allen (1980). After he recovered, he entrusted the Marquis of Marigny with the task of building the church, which was to replace the 6th century basilica, at the time known as the Abbey Sainte-Geneviève’. ‘When King Louis XV suffered from a serious illness in 1744 he vowed to build a church dedicated to Sainte-Geneviève if he would survive. The Transformation of the Cemetery in Eighteenth-Century Paris. Studies in Islamic Art and Architecture: Supplements to Muqarnas, Volume VII.

506) – Perspective of Mausoleum to Frederick Prince of Wales. An interesting part of their book – worth further study – is the four-parted division in the typological process of the major monuments (in the city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan): Monodirectional —— Bidirectional —— Tridimentional —— Pluridirectional Uniform Composite Crossed Set up on a pivet Repetitive Complementary Hierarchic Equivalent Linear Serial Nodal Polar Fig. Drawing by Marten Kuilman after fig.10 in: KROMHOUT, W (? An introduction to some of the buildings, monuments, and settings of funerary architecture in the Western European tradition.

513) – A cemetery for Chaux by the French architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, c.

There is a memorial in the back of the church for the Grande Torino soccer team.