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London E1 trams had three or four small spot lights above the destination box which lit in different combinations according to route.Most were blanked off as the years went by, but you can still see the blank area in photos. London Transport’s Green Line services pre-war and just post-war sported blinds with white lettering on a black background, but, from about mid-1946, sported black lettering on an amber background, but, at the top, had a strip of amber lettering spelling out GREEN LINE on a black background. I also recall a short-lived express service, in the early 1950’s, from Morden Tube Station to Epsom (I think), using RT’s with blue destination blinds, with the additional word EXPRESS on them.In later years, only the red or blue blinds seemed to be in use.Doncaster CT ran two trolleybus routes on the eastern side, one to Beckett Road and one to Wheatley Hills.It is believed to have been delivered new to Sheffield Joint Omnibus Committee in 1932 as their no. Its next known appearance was with what was said to be an Allsopp coach body, and what appeared to be a "Covrad" conversion, which may or may not have been in connection with the fitting of an oil engine, with Blake of Delabole in Cornwall in November 1941.It spent 7 years with Blake, before being sold on to another Cornish operator Pelere of Penryn, until they withdrew it in November 1952. Can any of the expert Yorkshire Municipal contributors to this site, provide any more information please, including whether the body was the original on this chassis.The inward blinds had originally been red, until the Chief Constable of Lancashire/Bolton Borough police pointed out that it was illegal to display a red light to the front of a road vehicle. I’ve got a late listing for a coloured Barrow blind – I’ll post it here, if I can find it . The blinds on these services carried white lettering on a blue background.

09/02/18 John Bull (Tideswell) Does anyone remember a coach operator by the name of John Bull hailing from, if my memory serves me correctly, Tideswell, Derbyshire?Further to my earlier post, and Stuart’s last post a late Barrow destination blind was Private, Football Ground, Shipyard, Steelworks, West Shore, North Scale, Cemetary, St.James, Devonshire Road, Ormsgill (Y), Harrell Lane (Y), Roose (B), Tea House (B), Ship Inn, Rainey Park, Town Hall, St.Anyone aware of anywhere else where this was done please?

Stuart Emmett I believe that Bournemouth Corporation sometimes used coloured blinds for certain routes or occasions.

The higher the letter, the shorter part of the route travelled.