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Once again, there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years.The only way to try to narrow the date range of your specific instrument is to remove the neck and check the butt end of the neck heel for a production date, which may be stamped or written there (if you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, please refer to an experienced professional guitar tech in your area). instruments with “V”-prefix SERIAL NUMBERS is to remove the neck and check the butt end of the neck heel for a production date, which may be stamped or written there.

General serial number info at the bottom of the page. This guitar was made by Samick in Indonesia and is a typical representative of the most common Mini in terms of appointments and color. One difference is the inspector is filled in with a name and a date (9/02).Neck-dating can be useful in determining the was produced, rather than the complete instrument.Given the modular nature of Fender production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, then stored for a period of time before being paired with a body to create a complete guitar, perhaps, for example, in the following year.Indeed, we use these same books here at Fender when researching historical and date-related issues.

You can order these titles through your local Authorized Fender Dealer.

Consequently, some 1990 guitars bear 1999 “N9” SERIAL NUMBERS. American Deluxe Series instruments use the same dating convention, but with the addition of a “D” in front of the “Z”; i.e., DZ1, DZ2, etc.

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