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It happened again: A white police officer accused of unnecessarily shooting and killing a black man was found not guilty by a court. Louis, where protests erupted over the weekend as a result of the verdict.There, a judge on Friday found former local police officer Jason Stockley not guilty of first-degree murder for the 2011 shooting of black motorist Anthony Lamar Smith.Then Smith, who’s dead at this point, is pulled out of his car, and Stockley goes into Smith’s vehicle.

Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson declared in his ruling.Louis area to speak out against the acquittal of Stockley.Although most of the protests were peaceful, things occasionally got violent — with people breaking the windows of some businesses in the area and injuring several people.Most of the protests were peaceful throughout the day. With about 100 or so protesters remaining, things then got rowdier and rowdier — even violent as some of the participants injured police officers at the demonstrations, knocked over concrete planters, broke windows, and tossed trash cans and other objects into the streets.

Police reinforcements came in through buses on Sunday.

Based on nationwide data collected by the Guardian, black Americans are more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to be killed by police when accounting for population.