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The show has Wilkos expanding on his "Steve to the Rescue" shows that he did while serving as a co-host for Jerry Springer whenever Springer took breaks or was doing other projects, such as Dancing with the Stars.The idea of Wilkos having his own show came as a result of this approach, which proved to be so popular with viewers that the producers of Springer pitched the idea of giving Wilkos his own show to NBCUniversal, which proved successful.He would preface the readings by saying, "If I read your letter, and if you're not a knucklehead, moron or belly-rubber, I'll send you a free t-shirt." He also proclaimed his show to be "Moron-Free TV", and declared that those who sent him negative e-mails were "not allowed to watch".Since the second season, these readings were less frequent, Wilkos no longer used the "knucklehead," "moron," "belly-rubber" or "Moron-Free TV" labels (most likely to avoid offense and/or legal issues), and everyone who had their e-mail read gets the free T-shirt.Often guests are polygraphed in regards to cases of physical abuse, child molestation, rape, murder, and infidelity.When the results of a polygraph are disputed by an accused guest, Wilkos brings out the production's polygraph expert, Daniel Ribacoff (who has been on the show since the third season) to explicate the results and clarify how a polygraph works.He often notes in his show that the reason he does so is because when the accused committed the crime against the victim, they weren't making them "comfortable" and as such, they don't deserve to be "comfortable" while on his show. Wilkos often gets into close confrontations with guests by not letting them sit if he is overly disgusted with them, yelling in their faces, physically intimidating them, and even challenging them to hit him, but avoids physical contact with them unless necessary to defend himself or other guests. On rare occasions, Wilkos would even throw guests out of the building.Almost always, when Wilkos has had enough of a particular guest's antics, he will eject the guest off the stage by yelling "Get the hell off my stage! At times, when Wilkos is at his calmest depending on how the guests conduct themselves on the show, he will kindly ask the guests to "walk off the stage." A trademark of the show is Wilkos' chair throwing.

As time went on with the paternity and infidelity stories, Wilkos would often make jokes with guests just to get laughs from himself, his guests and the audience, since paternity and infidelity aren't as serious an offense as abuse of any kind.Wilkos doesn't yell or get in the accused guests' faces as often as he did in the first season, unless if need be for a greater cause, depending on how the guests take the heat on his stage.Wilkos has appeared twice on Maury; once in 2008, On November 22, 2013, The Steve Wilkos Show celebrated their 1000th episode, along with Jerry Springer and Rachelle Wilkos as special guests.Guests usually take the polygraph exam three times or more to ensure accuracy of the results.

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    Intense relationships highlighted on the show are revisited. Your Family Is Trying to Destroy Us. Episode 66. 1/16/18. 0.0. A man denies that he's the father of a child. Also a woman is accused of cheating. Mothers Accused of Life Threatening Abuse. Episode 65. 1/15/18. 0.0. Two mothers are accused of child abuse.…