Studies on dating

Smell Dating, then, is a throwback—a way to connect us, at long last, with our most basic, biological mating cues.

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They cut my T-shirt into swatches, stuffed them inside little zip-top bags and mailed them to 10 people who’d also signed up for this bizarre social experiment.A group of three sculptures recovered from Carpenters Mountains, Jamaica, carved by AD 1300 and brought together as a ceremonial ‘set’, each appear to have had their inlays renewed over a century later, suggesting long-term use.Three key examples of the main Caribbean duho categories (high-back, low-back and extended), provide insights into the diversity of styles present in the region post-AD 1100.Together with strontium isotope results and wood and resin identifications, these data build a material and chronological context for some of the most recognised examples of Taíno art – from ceremony.

Each sculpture widens our understanding of Caribbean carving traditions, stylistic variation, chronologies and material resource utilisation.

As a result, smell can trigger thoughts and behaviors very quickly.