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Here are some basic (though sometimes contradictory) clues: When your cat rubs their chin and body against you, they're telling you they love you, right? What they're really doing is marking their territory.You'll notice that they also rub the chair, the door, their toys, everything in sight.Wondering if your cat is happy, meditating or having a bad day?Here's are some tips: Content: Sitting or lying down, eyes half-closed, pupils narrowed, tail mostly still, ears forward and purring—a really happy cat will often knead on a soft surface.

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Nervous or anxious: Ears sideways or back, pupils dilated and tail low or tucked between legs—your cat may slink through the house close to the floor, looking for somewhere to hide.It's located on the roof of their mouth behind their front teeth and is connected to the nasal cavity.When your cat gets a whiff of something really fascinating, they open their mouth and inhale so that the scent molecules flow over the Jacobson's organ.You'll learn a lot when you can interpret your cat's wide vocabulary of chirps and meows.

They'll tell you when it's time to get up (at least in your cat's opinion), when they're feeling affectionate and if they're feeling threatened or are in pain. Your cat may be saying "meow" as a greeting ("Hey, how ya doin'?

And if your cat is elderly, they may be suffering from a cognitive disorder (dementia) and may howl because they're disoriented.