Substance abuse and dating violence

Intimate partner violence also occurs in LGBTQ relationships.While the model of male aggressor and female victim-survivor does not apply to same-sex relationships, the pattern of abuse that involves physical, emotional, and psychological mistreatment is the same for both groups.It is important to note that while substance use can be a catalyst for abusive relationships, it is not the cause of them.One reason it cannot be determined that alcohol and drugs actually cause partner violence is the theory that abusers hold certain beliefs that promote violent behavior.Women and men go about developing their addictions differently, so education programs that address women’s health and well being should be paramount for females in violent relationships who want to seek drug treatment for alcohol and drug use.

Call Drug Treatment Center Finder at (855) 619-8070 today to speak with a specialist who can help you find the right program for you or your loved one.Reasons for this include alcohol affecting a person’s cognitive and physical function.When people are under the influence of alcohol (or other mind-altering, mood-altering substances), self-control might be compromised or reduced, which could mean the people involved will be less capable of pursuing a non-violent conflict resolution.Some researchers say domestic violence is a learned social behavior that is not directly tied to alcohol and drug use.

There is also the opinion that the substance abuse itself is a symptom of an abusive relationship, not the cause.

Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence (IPV) or dating violence, is a serious, preventable public health issue that affects millions of people in the US, writes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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