Symantec endpoint protection client not updating virus definitions

So there was something wrong with the virus definition update engine.I tried to manually launch Live Update on SEPM various times, but no use, Every time update all other definitions excluding Antivirus updates.The online VM's will be processed first, after which the offline VM's will be powered on and processed with a maximum of 10 at a time.This way you can migrate your test VM’s first, without touching your production catalogs.If you do want to process all VM’s in one run just use an asterisk (*) for the Catalog Name parameter.It’s also possible to run the script on an array of VM’s using the VMName parameter: .EXAMPLE Migrate-SEPDefinition Folders -VMName Xen VM01, Xen VM02, Xen VM03, Xen VM04 -Throttle Limit 2 Copies the SEP Definitions folder to default destination folder D:\SEP on VM's Xen VM01 through Xen VM04 two at a time. Now that the VM’s have the necessary files in the right location it’s time to put it all together by assigning your new image/version to the VM’s you processed.

The wizard currently supports the following Anti-Virus applications: The wizard will prompt you for the Anti-Virus application and for the location of the definition update file you would like to deploy.If you have a support contract with them - I really suggest you contact them instead.Filed under: Symentec Related — Tags: Antivirus And Antispyware Protection, SEPM 11.0, Symantec Endpoin Protection. M]to protect our clients and servers from Virus / Spywares / and Network Threats.This is useful if you wish to deploy a definition update that is different from the current definition file supported in the Fixlet content.