Taking a break from dating women

However, this just gives you a pseudo boost of confidence, because you're actually basing your self-worth on validation from other people.Kayla Düngee, a junior at Georgia State University, says, “I personally quit dating apps because I used them as a quick fix when I was feeling low (break ups, self-image issues, etc).While one loathsome idiot shouldn’t deter you from using any dating app, it might be time to save yourself from unnecessary abuse if you start to receive multiple derogatory messages.

Alex Mc Guire, an alumna from Iowa State University, says, “I ended up uninstalling a dating app because I realized that people were approaching me not necessarily because they thought I sounded interesting, or had things in common, but because they wanted to know what my ethnicity was or where I was from.I’m multiracial, which apparently means you can start off conversations as insensitively as you want.I never felt more tokenized or fetishized in my life.” Unfortunately, people use online and app dating as a way to hide behind a screen, which is why some people think that they can just ask abhorrent questions without any repercussions that would happen in the real world, such as getting a drink thrown in their face followed by a swift knee to the groin.There are better ways to heal yourself rather than seek validation that you are beautiful and worthy through an app.” While it might be nice to know that people other than your goldfish (fish are people too) like you, you’re ultimately just going to feel crappy when you swipe right on a cutie only to find out that it isn’t a match.