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When this happens, the initial attraction she felt for his looks will begin to change and she’ll start finding (seemingly irrelevant) things about him that are turning her off.For example: She might think, Even if she can’t put it in words, deep down a woman knows that it is his lack of confidence that is turning her off.The truth is, most women place much less importance on a man’s physical appearance than most guys realize. As you will discover from the video above, attraction not all about being tall, dark and handsome.

I cannot bear to read how wild the women are for these guys who fit that description.When a guy is charming, not only does he trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual desire for him, he also makes her feel “safe” because she gets the sense that he is not just looking at her as a “piece of meat,” but is also interested in her as a person.Don’t pretend you’re not interested in having sex with her.I had a debate with a cousin of mine where I said that of the phrase, "tall, dark, and handsome" the word "dark" meant that the guy had tanned well. I also thought maybe it could mean personality or demeanor, some women like a man with a shady past.

My question to you gals is this, do any of you know what "dark" really means? Even if you don't know what it really means, what does it mean to you? I thought it meant dark-haired /dark-eyed and was all about a man who had a certain stereotypical appearance, but looked it up in response to your question and found the following answer, which may interest you: The phrase grew out of the hardboiled pulp detective stories and crime dramas of the 1920s and 30s.

When you present yourself with confidence and self-belief, and can trigger a woman’s feelings of attraction and respect for you as a man, then she won’t really care that you’re not tall, dark and handsome because she will be attracted to “what’s inside.” So, rather than sit around thinking, and feeling like you will never be able to fit into this unrealistic mould, then instead do the things you can do to make women feel attracted to who you are as a man.

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