Tango wire dating services

Perhaps Penn & Teller should investigate these over zealous jerks on their Showtime series, "B. To the gentleman from Ohio that was not only harassed but had monetary losses, I'm with you 100%. I just wish they would not do things like create a bisexual dating site that discriminates against bisexuals and transgendered folks.

We are happily married now and just bought our first home together!All it would take is a menu choice of who each person would like to be contacted by and a filter added to the search program and voila - A l*****n woman's profile that said she did not want to be contacted by men, would never show up when anyone who listed himself as a male did a search for women.I have no desire to contact anyone who doesn't want to hear from me - I'm not interested in forcing myself on anyone.is part of the Tango Wire network that includes the following sites: Many of these sites are comprised of the same members. The site will censor members even if they adhere to the site's own guidelines.