Taylor swift and hunter hayes dating

Forgive us for being confused since the gossip site first reported that Bieber himself asked Flores to help him "pick up the pieces" and win Gomez back.Perhaps Gomez is on the prowl for a new man, or maybe she's just making friends.When we spotted country singer Hunter Hayes' ultra-emo piano with his lyrics scrawled in chalk at the Grammy Awards, we wondered why on earth Taylor Swift hadn't gotten her claws into him yet -- perhaps she held off because her BFF Selena Gomez already called dibs.Gomez has reportedly moved on since her breakup with Justin Bieber, and is already looking for a new man.They seem like a match made in country music heaven but Hunter Hayes insists Taylor Swift is nothing more than a friend.In a recent interview with Nashville Gab.com, Hunter spilled the beans on his relationship with T-Swizzle."That's a negative," he responded when asked if he had dated her."I mean, she was my boss." Taylor gave Hunter a huge break a few years ago when she asked him to open up for her on tour.

" Hayes also spoke about his admiration for Taylor Swift, branding her a "phenomenal performer and a great songwriter". The 21-year-old’s latest album, 'Speak Now’, came out last October and sold more than a million copies in its first week of release.That’s more than any other album in the past 15 years.We think she's better off with Ed Sheeran and he'd be perfect for Selena Gomez anyway!