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Meanwhile, Hector returns home to his family, but finds the hackers have already sent his wife the evidence of his infidelity.The other blackmail victims have also had their information released, despite having complied with instructions; they each receive a trollface image from the blackmailer.Hector then receives blackmail messages of his own: he was about to cheat on his wife with a prostitute, and follows the instructions out of fear he will lose custody of his children.

The man asks whether, like him, it was child pornography; Kenny, now an emotional wreck, says nothing.This episode is considered the best of series 3 in a ranking by The Independent; Christopher Hooton writes that "the pacing is breakneck and it's impossible to take your eyes off the screen." Hooton says "it's what initially seems a gripe with the episode that ends up flooring you" when the twist ending "leaves you feeling as though all your entrails just dropped out".Paul Tassi of Forbes believes the episode to be second best of the series, as it "does not carry an overt message like so many of these other episodes" but has "one of the best twists in the entire season", and "even if the rest of the episode is merely good, the ending elevates it to great." Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter praised Alex Lawther's performance in the episode, calling it "one of the best things of 2016"; Goodman says the episode "unapologetically — and frantically — punches you right in the face, proving how nimble Brooker is at storytelling." Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph rated the episode 5 out of 5, describing it as "soul-scorching [and] relentlessly riveting".Lawther first met co-star Jerome Flynn, who plays Hector, during the shooting.

Whilst shooting, Lawther notes that "there was a news story in the real world about something very similar" to the episode, which he describes as "a very surreal thing." Director James Watkins was previously known for The Woman in Black and Eden Lake, which Lawther says made Watkins "really [learn] the craft of sustaining incredible suspense over long periods of time." On the topic of reception to the episode, Brooker comments that "no one can agree on what is their favourite episode", claiming that "Oh my God, it's absolutely chilling" and "It's about nothing, it's boring" are both things people say about "Shut Up and Dance".

The episode tells the story of a teenage boy (Alex Lawther) who is blackmailed into committing bizarre and criminal acts by a mysterious hacker possessing a video of him masturbating.