Teenage advice on dating

Example situation: right now I’ve been on a few dates with someone and he’s good on paper but I’m just not feeling a click. Alyson: Another question—what’s the biggest misconception about finding a boyfriend? When you’re younger, you think that if you can find someone to love you, he’ll teach you how to love yourself. Do you guys look at me as an unmarried 31 year old and think “Wow. ”Alyson: My parents got married around your age but honestly, I haven’t thought a lot about marriage. When do you think is the right time to have sex with someone? Aaron: Well, you might as well be honest because it might be the last time you’re talking to him. As long as you’re straightforward, he should understand. I certainly didn’t feel that sense of autonomy at 18. Rachel: (giggling) You don’t have to answer if it’s too personal. This is something I haven’t experienced yet—so what was it like for you? Sex can be strange and uncomfortable and I didn’t feel like I could ask for what I wanted in bed until I felt more empowered as a woman. You gotta be be your own boyfriend—if that makes sense.