Teenage dating relationship statistics

Young people aged 12 to 19 experience the highest rates - of rape and sexual assault.Teenagers age 18 and 19 experience the highest rates of stalking. S is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.If we seriously consider the abusive relationship statistics, then almost 80% of the people dating believed that abuse, of any kind, is harmful for relationship to grow and continue successfully.Online dating statistics too, have revealed different aspects of behavior of people dating these days.Around 50% of young people end their relationships just by sending an e-mail, while some others prefer to send the message via a close friend.From the above mentioned statistics, we conclude that teen dating and even adult dating requires much more maturity.Around 44% of the women have expressed their desire to date men who are younger than them, which in itself is quite interesting!

The more you know, the more you can help create a future without violence.Concepts such as love at first sight are also very acceptable in our society.It has been revealed that around 75% people believed in love at first sight.Dating, these days, starts right from teenage, and we also find old adults indulging in it quite freely.