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Many parents and stepparents wonder, how much on-line activity is too much?Though internet addiction is not yet a bona fide psychiatric diagnosis, psychiatrists and psychologists are calling for more research, so they can include it in future editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel (DSM), the bible and last word on diagnosis and disorders for therapists, hospitals, clinics, and insurers. Experts agree teens who struggle with internet overuse do not fit a single profile."Parents might first notice slippage in school performance.They eventually throw up their hands when any attempt to regulate computer use or limit access quickly devolves into defiance and angry outbursts," says Dr.Experts agree that internet overuse does not occur in a vacuum.Often the problem becomes first apparent in the school setting.Eric Teitel, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Manhattan, and a faculty member of the NYU School of Medicine.

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Was Melanie's a case of harmless teen tweeting and more, or a sign of a dangerous problem?Heavy users can be socially linked-in, popular adolescents who make good grades.They might spend hours chatting online with friends, posting photos and updates on social media sites.On the other end of the continuum are the isolated, socially anxious teens.

They might be teased, bullied, and avoid school altogether.

Teens might be on-line because they are already depressed, anxious, and lonely.