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Dozens of small and rural utilities in the state have for years provided water that contains illegal levels of radiation, lead and arsenic.Lack of resources is largely to blame — but there's more to it than that.Experts say it’s a common and longstanding problem among smaller and rural water utilities — and that a lack of resources is to blame.

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The comparison of Texas’ radium levels to California’s public health goal may make the problem seem worse than it really is, whether or not the EPA’s current limit is too high, said Lawler, the UT-Austin professor.All of the utilities are in small towns or rural areas, with a majority serving populations under 300.Two other studies, both published in 2016, found that 34 rural drinking water systems serving about 51,000 Texans had exceeded the federal drinking water limit for arsenic — also a known carcinogen — for at least a decade and that 53 of the 100 community water systems with the most violations of the so-called Lead and Copper Rule are in Texas, with more than 60 percent serving populations under 100."There’s not a lot of money, they don’t have as great expertise and they probably don’t even know what degree of problem they have if they have one.

So small utilities throughout the country are a riskier proposition than the larger ones.” But state officials also say there is plenty of state money available to help smaller utilities come into compliance — and that they are not taking advantage of it.

“We’re aware of the contaminants, and we treat it individually in our own houses,” Craig said.

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