The pitfalls of radiocarbon dating

They found that the pitfalls form a 269-foot-long (82 meters) system that lies in an almost straight line, the team wrote in an article published in the journal Acta Archaeologica in 2012.Each of the pits is about 23 to 33 feet (7 to 10 m) long and about 5 to 7.5 feet (1.5 to 2.3 m) deep.However, the archaeologists didn't find any artifacts and were unable to obtain clear radiocarbon dates for the pits."No Newfoundland and Labrador aboriginal group or archaeological culture is known in historic times or in ancient times to have regularly trapped animals with pitfalls," Mcaleese said.

The team did find stones inside the pitfalls that could have injured animals that had fallen inside.Excavated in the 1960s, that Viking outpost was used for a short period of time around 1,000 years ago as well.Sagas from the time of the Vikings tell tales of their journeys into the New World, mentioning places named "Helluland" (widely believed to be modern-day Baffin Island), "Markland" (widely believed to be Labrador) and "Vinland," which is a more mysterious location that some archaeologists have argued could be Newfoundland.Kent Budden died in 2008, and his brother Owen Budden showed photographs of the artifacts to Live Science.

(Before he died, Kent Budden also gave a presentation of the collection, which can now be seen on You Tube.)Mcaleese said he is not very familiar with the collection.

In contrast, charcoal from the Nauwalabila site has been so severely altered that insufficient of the original carbon remains for reliable (super 14) C dating.

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