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Because of his past criminal records, he was sentenced 50 years in prison with no parole after this last burglary of K- Mart.Although this sentencing was disputed by Erwin Chemerinsky, who represented Andrade, as cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled in support for the life sentencing.By 2004, twenty-six states and the federal government had laws that satisfy the general criteria for designation as "three-strikes" statutes—namely, that a third felony conviction brings a sentence of 20 to life where 20 years must be served before becoming parole eligible.After the hype leading to the institution of these laws across the country, it soon became apparent that they were not bringing the results the public expected.And if you are bored out of your mind, you try to keep a smile on your face until the end.Typically the 2nd interview is longer than the first, and if they don’t pass muster, a third will never happen.Hand Shake Job Interview " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=1024" / Ask any of my friends about my dating life, and they will say that most are lucky to make it past the third date. By the end of the third date, you reach the conclusion of “that was nice” or even worse, “that was a waste of time”, and you know it’s time to call it quits and move on. You can usually figure out within the first 15 minutes of meeting someone if there is chemistry, a.k.a. Then, you spend the next few dates discovering if you want to learn more about them.

But such sentences were not compulsory in each case, and judges had much more discretion as to what term of incarceration should be imposed.Another example of the three-strikes law involves Timothy L.Tyler who, in 1992 at age 24, was sentenced to life in prison without parole when his third conviction (a federal offense) triggered the federal three-strikes law, even though his two prior convictions were not considered violent, and neither conviction resulted in any prison time served.In 1995, Sioux City, Iowa native Tommy Lee Farmer, a professional criminal who had served 43 years in prison for murder and armed robbery was the first person in the United States to be convicted under the Three-Strikes Law when he was sentenced to life in prison for an attempted robbery at an eastern Iowa convenience store.

The sentencing was considered so significant that President Bill Clinton interrupted a vacation to make a press statement about it.

In most jurisdictions, only crimes at the felony level qualify as serious offenses; however, misdemeanor offenses can qualify for application of the three-strikes law in California, whose harsh application has been the subject of controversy.

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