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This clear-cut gender ideology, however, remains an ideology (prescribed and contested) that needs to be put in the perspective of its context of origin, the bourgeois milieu.How were these gender identities constructed and by whom?Although women were called the “pious sex” much earlier, it was during the nineteenth century, when the differences between men and women were being made more explicit, that an intense bond between women and religion was developed.Religiosity was thought to be a “natural” part of femininity and turned religious masculinity into an oddity.

These researchers hail from four continents, thus providing a cross-cultural perspective as they give voice to men's experiences in the process of reproduction.Overall, there is a well-balanced mix of ethnography and theory that engages the reader throughout the volume…[The book] is successful in challenging assumptions and stereotypes surrounding men’s involvement in reproduction and demonstrating that the topic of men and reproduction has been neglected by social scientific study thus far…[and] represents an important initial text on a subject deserving of further attention in the social sciences.Whilst anthropologists acknowledge men’s sexuality, we tend to view men as disengaged from reproduction, and to see their power as lying elsewhere in social life.Mirko Talhammer is beyond himself when two strange guys show up in his noble insurance office and remind him where he really comes from: from a scrapyard in the provinces, where careers are...

See full summary » A well-off Munich family offers boarding to a refugee. Stefan became a successful lawyer in Dubai while Kai is stuck in their home town. See full summary » The life story of 80'ies Austrian superstar Falco, the man behind the monster hit "Rock me, Amadeus".

She is associated with the Department of Health Development in Guldborgsund, Denmark, where she focuses on health behavior and lifestyle illnesses. R43 2009BL: YK.2010.a.5646 BISAC: SOC032000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Gender Studies; SOC026010 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Sociology/Marriage & Family; SOC018000 SOCIAL SCIENCE/Men's Studies BIC: PSXM Medical anthropology; JFSJ2 Gender studies: men Acknowledgements Chapter 1. Ten Common Mistakes or Lies about Men’s Sexual Destiny Matthew C. Killer Sperm: Masculinity and the Essence of Male Hierarchies Lisa Jean Moore Chapter 3. Men's Influences on Women's Reproductive Health: Medical Anthropological Perspectives Matthew R. Reproductive Paradoxes in Vietnam: Masculinity, Contraception, and Abortion in Vietnam Nguyen Thi Thuy Hanh Chapter 7.

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