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It’s all the awkwardness of Internet dating with the added fun of a science project! There are real advantages to dating with science, as explained by the site’s “6 benefits of scientific matching.” The number one benefit?“Chances are increased that you’ll love the natural body fragrance of your matches.” Wait, is this secretly a dating site for people who refuse to use deodorant?New applicants submit a picture that’s rated by users of the opposite sex, and if you’re not up to scratch you get rejected.The site doesn’t explicitly say whether or not your rejection is accompanied by diet tips and quotes from the members about how repulsive you are, but it’s implied.

You just need to give one of these dating sites a try: Do you love in college and decide you were destined to change humanity? Then you might find love at The Atlasphere, the dating site for hardcore fans of Ayn Rand!Dating with Benefits is both the most honest dating site we’ve seen, and the saddest—an impressive contradiction.DWB is where rich men looking for sexual favours and gold diggers on the hunt for their latest sugar daddy meet and mutually agree to suck all the romance out of their lives.That seems to imply we all want to date opposite sex versions of ourselves—find Your Fellow Narcissist doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, though. If you’re an Adonis looking for your Aphrodite but can only find she-beasts and wenches, don’t despair.

Based on Face Mate’s example photos, their facial recognition software not only works, it works well: Look at that picture and try to tell us you don’t find it creepy. It looks like one of their faces was cloned and grafted onto the other person’s head. Instead of doing something radical—like lowering your unrealistic standards or trying not to be so shallow—look for a date at Beautiful People, where the only members are those deemed attractive enough to grace the site’s presence.

“You don’t have to be a farmer, but you do have to have good old-fashioned down to earth values,” says Jerry Miller, the site’s founder.

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