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We sought to determine whether published Moj V-F and -G sequences give rise to functional proteins.Full-length Moj V-F and Moj V-G open reading frames were cloned into mammalian expression vectors with an AU1 or HA epitope tag at the C terminus, respectively, as previously described(a) Expression of Moj V-F, Ni V-F, He V-F and KV-F in BSR-T7 cells in the presence or absence of the cognate G glycoprotein.This isolate, previously termed as Ghana virus or Gh-M74a virus.However, there is serological evidence of HNV spillover events into humans in Africa and it has been proposed that these viruses may contribute to the prevalence of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed encephalitis.

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These data indicate an idiosyncratic host cell entry mechanism for this emergent paramyxovirus.Syncytia formed by expression of vesicular stomatitis virus-G and co-expression of Ni V-F and -G are positive controls.(d) A quantitative heterologous fusion assay shows that Moj V-F and -G-mediated fusion occurs with a variety of target cells of diverse species and tissue origins.Here we find that Moj V-G displays a six-bladed β-propeller fold bearing limited similarity to known paramyxoviral attachment glycoproteins, in particular at host receptor-binding surfaces.

We confirm the inability of Moj V-G to interact with known paramyxoviral receptors in vitro, indicating an independence from well-characterized ephrin B2/B3, sialic acid and CD150-mediated entry pathways.

The H glycoprotein from the prototypic morbillivirus, measles virus (MV), targets CD150 (also known as signalling lymphocytic activation molecule F.

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    Dec 16, 2014. to date, ring and racetrack resonators are arguably the most ubiquitous21. Note, top down mode profiles correspond to top face of the nanobeam cavity. acid49. Bare SM-600 fibre was again mounted in a U-shape configuration, followed by localized wet etching in hydrofluoric acid near the centre.…
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    Effective Date August 1999. 1. SCOPE. 1.1. Use this procedure to determine the concentrations of. ethylene acrylic acid EAA, and. ▫ ethylene vinyl acetate EVA. 1.2. Use the methods discussed for. direct contact with the top face of the prism. 14.4. Apply finger pressure to the top of the sample to push out any air.…
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    Jul 12, 2017. For paramyxoviral HN glycoproteins, the sialic acid-binding site is located at a deep, central pocket at the top face of the six-bladed β-propeller. The morbillivirus H glycoprotein binding sites for CD150 and nectin-4, on the other hand, overlap extensively at the side of the β-propeller. Lastly, the ephrin.…
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    Feb 24, 2012. wild type enzyme and two of single amino acid mutants, each in complex with either adenosine. 1, the top face of the binding pocket. Specifically, residues Ser28−Gly31 fold over the ribose moiety. the over 40 deposited structures of CK2 to date. 25,26, shows clear structural divergence. However, the.…
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