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Marshall both shaped, and was shaped by his experience of combat in France during World War I and show how those lessons learned, and hard won, would ultimately fashion how he would go on to fight and win in World War II.Mike True, CEO & President of The Historic Trust, acknowledged the special loan from the George C.Based on responses tallied from the Agree and Strongly Agree columns of the survey, the results identified the top five core values that would direct the committee's work: School start times that optimize learning (89%) Increase in transportation efficiency (80%) Age-appropriate transportation (77%) Reduction in ride time on transportation (72%) Maximize neighborhood schools (69%) "I feel like the work we did as a committee was focused, genuine, and sincere toward our mission of making the best decision for our community," said committee member Nick Allen, a parent and Ridgefield High School teacher."I sincerely believe that the work we did as a committee will help the Ridgefield School District continue to be successful as our community grows." Proposed School Start Times -- South Ridge Elementary and Union Ridge Elementary (both K-4) -- Sunset Ridge Intermediate (5-6) and View Ridge Middle School (7-8) -- Ridgefield High School (9-12) The committee spent hours reviewing and debating research and best practices, always keeping the five core values in mind.The committee expressed concern that unnecessarily moving the secondary schools start times even later would have negative unintended consequences.Adjusting the school day still later into the afternoon would increase the number of students leaving school early for academic, athletic, and other extra-curricular events on a regular basis.

He was possibly driving an older blue full-sized SUV. Anyone with information that can help identify the intruder in this case is asked to call Washington County Detectives at (503) 846-2500. Martinez was believed to be in possession of multiple firearms and was wanted on a felony warrant.Committee member Georgianna Jones appreciated the variety of roles represented by committee members from throughout the Ridgefield community."This fostered a variety of valuable perspectives," she said."Our conversations were data-driven, informative, thoughtful and sensitive to our overall goal of making the best decision we could with the interests of our students and community front and center." The committee reviewed research from expert organizations that included American Automobile Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, along with student achievement and attendance data from Ridgefield High School and first-hand experiences from school districts who made start time changes.

While studies recommend ideal secondary school start times between -- a.m., student achievement and attendance data at RHS indicated that the current start time is serving students well.

At some point during the confrontation, the resident was able to take a photo of the intruder who was covering his face.