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Holding various all-time scoring records and the only female golfer to shoot a 59 in a competition.1836 the Swede John Ericsson patented the construction of the first practically workable propeller.Before that, in 1888, he invented the pipe wrench, and in total he patented 110 inventions during his life.Snus is a grain like moist powder tobacco placed under the upper lip, originating from early 18:th century Sweden.Where earlier attempts have failed for one reason or another Ericsson managed to find out the most perfect construction.”En Svensk Tiger” can in Swedish mean both ”A Swedish tiger” and ”A Swede keeps silent”.Tre Kronor probably originates from the 13th or 14th century.

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He counts as one of the premier hockey players of all time and was 2008 elected to the IIHFs Team of the Century. 10 majors) won, she is ranked as one of the most successful female golfers in history.Swedish meatballs (Köttbullar in Swedish) are delicious and traditionally served with boiled, or mashed, potatoes, lingonberry jam and brown sauce, but could also be eaten with macaronis or spaghetti.Easter (Påsk) i celebrated in Sweden by painting eggs, giving away candy filled easter eggs and eating eggs and pickled herring.You can download them on the App store, and you’ll get i OS 10 i Message stickers and the Swemojis stickers keyboard (for i OS 8, 9 and 10) in the same app. In December 19013 the Swedish born electrical engineer Gideon Sundbäck invented the modern zipper that is still used all over the wold.

Before that the zipper teeth had to be attached to the garment one at a time.

Fika means to take a break from an activity to drink coffee or some other beverage with colleges, friends or family, often with some kind of buns and/or cookies.