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er, Seiji suddenly recalled a famous Russian singer from his past life who sung like this and was an excellent and popular singer.

It was rather different from the tomboy’s typical impression… This contrast was akin to a man singing in a high-pitched voice falsetto…Seiji recognized the voice singing the song as Chiaki’s.He was amazed because her singing voice sounded gentle and sweet.The magical artifact that both countries were fighting over was possessed by the Ice Prince, so she would have to fight him if she wanted to obtain the artifact. I added the chapter numbers to the table of contents as well to help ease navigation.

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They discovered a wild Hoshi Amami (in the boy’s middle school uniform). " The handsome younger boy flashed a brilliant and warm smile. ' I contacted you by cell phone less than ten minutes ago, you know." "I really wanted to see you, Senpai. "Hello, Hoshi, long time no see." Mayuzumi smiled gently at him. While Seiji pretended to be serious on the surface, he actually heaved a secret sigh of relief that he'd made it past this without the ladies hearing about anything too awkward.