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But China’s cultural context goes back several thousands of years.It has a written language that has been in use for the longest continuous period of time in the world, and it has the oldest written history (Han ).

While there is no clear definition of what is an appropriate age for individuals to begin dating, those who begin dating at early ages will typically have to cope with the opposition of parents (Wu ).Dating and romantic relationships are a normal, yet essential, part of life during the adolescent and early adult years.Beyond the basic desires which most individuals experience during this time, researchers have noted the relative significance of dating, not only for individuals but also for societies.This involves, especially for sons, the care for parents in their elderly years (see Ho ).

Understandably, this places great pressure upon unmarried sons to negotiate with his parents over the identification and selection of a suitable wife, who, in turn, will also provide assistance to his aging parents.

From this perspective, filial piety and the continuation of family lineage are of tremendous importance (Han ).

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