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I suspect that Sigler’s appearance on the list this year is due to her appearance, last season, in a high profile role on HBO’s character called Turtle on a plane flight and they hit it off and began an improbable romantic relationship which lasted almost the whole TV season.They broke up when Sigler’s character on the show had to move to New Zealand for at least a year to work on a TV series.This story line was long a mystery to me: I could understand Sigler ignoring the fact that Turtle is fairly homely. Well, the mystery of Sigler’s attraction for “Turtle” was solved when I learned that Sigler and the actor who plays Turtle, Brookyn-born Italian Catholic actor Jerry Ferrera, 30, were a romantic item before Sigler appeared on the show.But is it remotely plausible that Sigler would also overlook the fact that Turtle is just a minor go-fer for a Hollywood star and that he isn’t exactly well-rounded human being? Sigler gave her (real life) boyfriend and her boyfriend’s character a nice boost on the show by appearing as his girlfriend on .Then reports surfaced in November, 2009 that the absurdly good looking couple were again an item.The rumors of the reunion were confirmed when tabloids and gossip sites ran photos of Bar and Leonardo, together, touring the ruins of Pompeii on Feb. Number 17 on this year’s list, Portman, the Jerusalem-born, American-raised Jewish actress, didn’t make the list last year for some odd reason.Photo: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson., I learned of another about another Olympic athlete, ice dancer Charlie White. They are now ranked 2nd in the world in their sport and they are ranked ahead of Ben Agosto and Agosto’s skating partner, Tanith Belbin.

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Burke’s mother is Jewish and she identifies as Jewish.” Well, early last year, Refaeli broke up with Di Caprio again.Portman is a special favorite of the American Jewish community for the model way she has lived her life: no scandals, classy roles, a “serious” Harvard degree, her work for debt relief for people in Third World countries and her articulate and nuanced statements in support of the State of Israel.Johansson, who co-starred with Portman in the so/so dramatic film, , dropped from #7 on Askmen.com’s list in 2009 to #23 in 2010, probably because she had few high profile roles this past year.On the Pacific Coast, it is shown on tape delay and will be broadcast at 8PM PST. Each year, the popular website posts a list of the “Top 99 Most Desirable Women.” Site visitors are asked to choose the woman they would most want to have as their wife or girlfriend.

Last year, seven women of Jewish and interfaith background appeared on the list.

Sigler is best known for playing Meadow Soprano, the daughter of mob boss Tony Soprano, on ‘The Sopranos.’ Sigler grew up in a New York City suburb.