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I get so many questions all the time from my manifesting students such as: Does everyone have a twin flame? The thing to remember is, is that the concept of twin flames is a ridiculously complicated subject.It is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, with endless spiritual detours and challenges along the way.I can promise you that it will lessen your learning curve for sure.Twin flames are meant to be together in the spiritual realm after many trials and tribulations that makes both of them grow spiritually. So many people ask this common question so we felt the need to address it.

It’s a truly beautiful concept, but one that leaves many people puzzled and confused. How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame? Plato referenced it in the famous “Symposium”, the beautiful Sufi poet Rumi wrote about it, and many creatives, musicians, and artists have used it as inspiration since the dawn of time.This is where the danger lies in convincing ourselves that the label should stick. We know many twin flames that we are blessed enough to call our dear friends – some are together, others have gone their separate ways. It’s a nice belief to hold that maybe you do have your soulful counterpart out there somewhere. Q: How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame? Some manipulative people out there know how to ‘use the lingo’ and will throw around the concept if a twin flame to make you feel special.The twin flame union is INTENSE to say the very least. We love the fact that our energy is so recognizable. My mother once dated a guy who was addicted to online dating and had told at least 5 others ladies he was their ‘twin flame’.The Twin Flame Signs to Verify the Union I was so fortunate to find out about twin flames As soon as we were introduced to the concept, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were indeed twin flames. Perhaps it is not your destiny this lifetime to be together. A: You can set the intention and maybe they’ll show up when you least expect it. Sometimes one twin is kept in the etheric realm to do their spiritual work.

I also know that if I knew about it before I found my forever man, I would have been searching for it and convincing myself that other people were my twin when indeed they were not. However, just remember that you are ALWAYS together in the spirit realm and it is indeed a sacred contract you can break if you wish. Try talking to them in your meditation to get a deeper spiritual understanding. Remember the physical world is just a mere echo of what is unfolding in the spiritual dimension first. Be kind, and dismantle the relationship you seek a relationship with another. Q: Can someone think they’ve found their twin flame only to discover it was a false alarm? This is why you should gauge it by spending time together first.

Max, Lana, and LOC Group ( enjoy helping other twin flame couples and people of higher frequency make the most of this human experience.

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