Uk dating scams on the internet

Over the past few days the media has been dominated by reports of the sharp increase in internet dating scam victims and the financial and emotional cost it brings.

Legally, this is known as an “Advance Fee Fraud” or a “419 Scam” and was first recorded in 1992.Once the target is ‘hooked’ there will begin a pattern of requests for cash amounts usually increasing until they have emptied the targets bank account, drained them of their savings, or they have been ‘found out’.Once this happens they will fade away never to be heard from again.Most Dating sites operate strict controls in an attempt to ‘vet’ their members but as they increasingly get more ‘savvy’ these experienced thieves regularly pass the vetting procedures and begin to trawl the site in search of the unwary.

Lets not beat about the bush here, these are highly organised gangs working out of a ‘factory like’ set up usually based, but not always, in the likes of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast where they invent a variety of persona and ply their trade online.

In 2016, the average loss for each dating scam victim was £11,500 compared with £7,731 in 2015.