Updating 2 prong electrical outlets

(I know this from personal experience; my house had two distinct grounding systems in exactly this manner when I moved in.Fortunately it was never a problem, and it was easily fixed by running a short piece of heavy-duty wire between the plumbing and the electrical box.) The only time metal sheathed cable can be used as a grounding conductor is if it has a thin aluminum bonding strip.You can use GCFIs to increase the safety of a circuit that has no safety ground, but they are not protections.A GFCI provides less protection than a safety ground because it does not ground an electrified box, and it provides more protection in that there could be a small leak of current to the safety ground but you'd never know if it was not enough to trip the breaker.Metal-clad cable, for example, could have been fed itself from an ungrounded box.That pipe could be part of an ancient plumbing system that is disused and has been hacksawed away from the real plumbing (which should be grounded).

Suppose you have two distinct grounds -- the electrical system ground, and a bit of plumbing -- and they actually physically go to ground at opposite ends of the building, and they are grounded in dry, sandy soil.In environments like kitchens and bathrooms where there is likely to be a combination of water and electricity, the best practice is to have both a safety ground and a GFCI-protected circuit.Remember that a correctly-wired GFCI provides ground fault protection to every outlet "downstream" of it, that is, every outlet hooked up via the LOAD terminals.I don't know too much about replacing outlets, only what I've read online or through You Tube videos. Some outlets have been replaced (brand new kitchen) but some are still the old 2 prong.

I bought a receptacle tester and tested the newer style outlets, which all tested as correct wiring.

The third wrong way -- connect the safety ground to the neutral -- is wrong but why is a bit subtle.

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